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About William

Spiritual Teacher, Healer, and Energy Channel

I am a healer based in the San Francisco Bay Area.  I work with individuals and groups, both in person and via distance healing, to facilitate healing and renewal from a Spiritual level. Through their transformative experiences working with me, clients are able to reclaim their well-being and restore their health.


“I’ve known William for over 10 years and know first hand the deep and thorough dedication he offers every client he sees. When I was told that I had a cyst the size of an orange, he was the natural phone call to make. After seeing him for an in-person session and a couple of 10 minute, long distance follow-ups, my cyst completely resolved within 3 weeks. I’m so grateful I was able to avoid invasive surgery and would give William my warmest recommendation, to anyone looking for gentle and profound healing at the deepest level.”

– LINA TURIYA, Artist & Entrepreneur


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