William Lewis
Spiritual Teacher, Healer, and Energy Channel

As a highly intuitive empath, starting out as a massage therapist at the Esalen Institute was like living in a healing work laboratory. During this time, William was made fluent in all forms of body work all the while knowing his journey was more of a spiritual one.  


The path of the healer is a path of following and surrendering to the present moment where all is possible. One must courageously stand in the unknown, stand in the divide between nothing and everything. Wait without waiting and act without knowing the full extent of what comes next. Remaining steadfast and focused on the sacred while allowing the healing to unfold breath to breath and heartbeat to heartbeat. This allows healing at the level of mastery and is a path of union with the Divine.

A healer’s healer and a teacher’s teacher, William is a true mystic always seeking direct experience of the Divine and brings that experience into every healing session and every class.


“His commitment to his practice permeates his life’s work with profound integrity and feels like a true calling.  I feel blessed to receive his gifts.”

—  Bibi R.

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