Sacred Path Healing Certification Course

Nov 1, 2020 - July 26, 2021

Sacred Path Healing Certification Course

with William Lewis

There is a point where all paths meet...where Truth is universal and belief gives way to understanding.  Performing healing work as a sacred practice can take you to this level both in your work and in your experience of the Divine.


This 9-month Certification Training is for those who have an intermediate to advanced ability with their spiritual practice or energy healing work.


Trimesters | Online via Zoom


1. Moving & Working with Energy


Nov 1 - Jan 26

  • Multi-directional grounding

  • Strengthening your energy boundaries and shielding

  • Sourcing energy and maintaining connection

  • Scanning for and clearing energy block

  • Starting and ending a session


These are the techniques I have developed in my private healing practice.  In class I will go over several more aspects of healing work and do some live demonstrations with Q and A to follow.

2. Healing & Invoking the Divine


Feb 7 - Apr 27

  • Connecting to your higher self

  • Invoking the Divine

  • Listening with your whole body

  • Following the healing process, not leading it


With reverence for a process we cannot generate from the self, we begin to take our egoic sense of self and place it in a secondary role. We are the bridge for the healing not the healer. We afford the most high access to the physical realm through our participation. We must connect to, allow, and follow this process of healing, not direct it.

3. The High Magic of Healing


May 2 - July 26

  • Allowing the highest energies to move through you and direct you

  • Surrendering the process and the outcome


Every person, every situation, everything, has the seeds of its own salvation within.  These seeds contain the blueprint for any necessary healing.  This blueprint contains the exact process, for the safest, most efficient and complete healing possible at any given time.  Accessing healing at this level is achieved through faith, courage and surrender.  Here we sail right out of the realm of techniques and systems and into the high magic of healing.


Please complete the application. After reviewing your application, William will contact you. 




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Payments per Trimester of $1,600


Third Trimester

May 2 & 16, Sundays, 11am-5pm
May 25, Tuesday, 5pm-7pm

Jun 13 & 27, Sundays, 11am-5pm
Jun 29, Tuesday, 5pm-7pm

Jul 11, Sunday, 11am-5pm 

Jul 20, Tuesday, 5pm-7pm

Jul 25, Sunday, 11am-5pm

Aug 8, Sunday, 11am-5pm (Graduation Day!)

First Trimester

Nov 1 & 15, Sundays, 10am-5pm
Nov 24th, Tuesday, 5pm-7pm

Dec  6 & 20, Sundays, 10am-5pm
Dec 29, Tuesday, 5pm-7pm

Jan 3 & 17, Sundays, 10am-5pm
Jan 26, Tuesday, 5pm-7pm

Second Trimester

Feb 7 & 21, Sundays, 10am-5pm

Mar 2, Tuesday, 5pm-7pm 
Mar 7 & 21, Sundays, 10am-5pm
Mar 30, Tuesday, 5pm-7pm

Apr 18, Sunday, 10am-5pm
Apr 27, Tuesday, 5pm-7pm

All Online via Zoom Webinar