Prayer Circle Healings

Let’s change this.
Let’s do something profound and effective.

Let’s act in love.
Let’s do so now.

I walk the path of the mystic.

I have lived a lifetime of profound shifts, breakthrough learning and divine experiences.

The gifts of this life are many. One such gift is spontaneous access to high spiritual states, in which I receive knowledge of how to help.

Prayer circle healings are an example of these spontaneous experiences.

They are a gift that can be utilized to heal the illness and effects of the pandemic.

They are a gift of receiving and giving in tandem, each made stronger by the other.

They are a simple lesson and practice in channeling healing for all.

Join me in this.

Open your heart in this and you may have a profound experience.

Just show up, I got you, I’ll lead you through it.

WHEN: Tuesday 11am Pacific 

WHERE: Instagram Live 

HOW: Find me as williamlewishealer on Instagram and follow me. Then go to Instagram on Tuesdays at 11am Pacific and click the notification when I go live.

COST: No charge!

QUESTIONS: Text William at 415-250-4953



William Lewis is not a physician or psychotherapist. His services are not meant to take the place of those provided by a licensed medical doctor.