In these simple meditations I channel light and energies to boost your experience of the power and healing each meditation has to offer.  The videos are set up in three different configurations so you can choose which best suits your needs in healing and development.  You can focus more on strengthening your grounding and energy or more on healing and bringing in higher frequency light to your body and being.  They are very useful in continuing and building on  the effects of receiving a healing and also for healers to replenish, develop and strengthen themselves  for doing healing work for others.  Each one includes the induction exercise asa it is crucial part of healing and opens your system to greater contact with the energies of healing and growth.

These meditations are really powerful and should not be done while driving or while doing anything that requires focus to remain safe.

Enjoy!   Theese where a joy to make and my pleasure to off to you here.

Meditation 1 (1920 x 1080 px)(1).png
Meditation 1 and 3- Induction -Healing Grace.png
Meditation 1 and 2- Induction -Grounding.png
Meditation 1, 2 and 3- Induction, Grounding -Healing Grace.png

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