Three Suns

For as long as I can remember, I have lived my life as if I am being timed on a stopwatch. Always trying to survive and resolve my trauma, feeling completely underwater with little hope of reaching the surface. I seemed to be always moving in slow motion. I could never gain momentum regardless of how hard I tried. Every day felt dark and rotten, I hated myself and I hated my life. Surviving in moments of time that extended endlessly from the first moment my mother sexually abused me at three years old, to an eternity of feeling hollow and estranged from the human race. Lost and afraid in the dark with my guts wrenched and empty. Managing my traumatized psyche and chronic dissociation made my life nearly impossible. I had so many life and death issues to work on and even simple things struck a 10 on my panic scale. I needed a way to work on myself that was fast and didn’t compound my suffering. I just wasn’t going to survive all the clearing I had to do. I’ve had many chronic injuries and illnesses including emotional health issues that I was going to succumb to if I couldn’t figure out a less distressing way to clear this stuff. So one day when I was hiking near my home and thinking about all of this, a way came to idea that was simple but not easy to practice. Over the years I’ve worked with it and got it down to a system that I can really use. It’s a meditative practice that I call the “Three Suns Clearing”. One of the reasons a human lifetime is so special and valuable is the work we can do on ourselves while we are here. Human bodies and energy systems are alchemical super processors for clearing the accumulation of karma and negative energy. The purpose of which is evolving, bringing the soul more into the body and ascending into oneness with God. Unfortunately, this process can feel very slow and difficult. There is a natural movement of karma/negative energy from what I call the karmic field into the personal energy field and physical body to be cleared. This process is effective, but inefficient. As we take on healing wounds and issues in workshops and meditations, receive healings, do yoga, go to therapy, dance, sing, act, pray and scream there is always more along the way to be processed. It can seem relentless and cause deep despair. The Three Suns Clearing removes this energetic material very quickly and powerfully. It removes it from the furthest edges of the karmic energy field, transmutes it away from us instead of bringing it though us, to be experienced and then processed.

You can receive The Three Suns Meditation during the Healing Journey to the ArchAngel Realm.

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