Passing the Torch

Blue Heron Soaring

The time has come for me to pass on my work to others. I am being called to a higher, further level of healing work, and I want the body of work I have developed to be practiced and carried on by others.

This change is both bittersweet and powerful for me. I developed this work as a means to carry me through my own healing process and on to higher ground, and along the way I have had the privilege of helping others with it as well. I always knew that someday I would teach others to do this work and bring it forward. I have hoped and waited and desperately wanted this time to arise for a long time. Wanting something very badly and being ready for it are two very different things; a distinction that is worth figuring out. I am now finally ready. I have begun the highest and last part of my journey as a wounded healer seeking wholeness, and I am receiving much help from the Divine in completing the final stages of healing many lifelong issues. I am being directed and supported in recovering my true strength. Years ago, I was too strong and too armored in layer upon layer of resistance to get at my “stuff”. I had to abandon this strength and peel away my armor in order to unwind my dysfunctional patterns and heal my wounds. At times I felt that I had softened myself to the point of disappearing. In essence, I tore myself down to the bones and started reapplying layer after layer of a healthier version of myself, cleaning and repairing all that I could until I could get the pieces to stick and stay put. But that wasn’t wholeness. I had lost my humanity. I was a glued together collection of spiritual abilities and self-esteem issues. I needed a way to integrate myself and land on my feet. Over the years, I learned to ground and bring myself very much into the present. I became so grounded that friends would put a hand on my arm or back or hug me when they needed grounding, and my system would ground them though that contact. I focused my development and work as a healer in grounding and became more and more adept at grounding high spiritual energy into and through people’s bodies/wounds. Grounding became my religion and healing work was my way to worship. I helped a lot of people, cutting my teeth rebuilding backs and joints, always learning, always looking for the root cause of any issue. I was continually moving to ever more subtle and more powerful energies. I started looking at the viscera and noticed the way held emotions changed their shape and slowed or stopped their function. I learned more and more about Chakras and Meridians by working on them and found many uncharted connections crisscrossing the body. I discovered I could correct misalignments in the joints from very subtle points I found in the neck, and do many types of alignment work to the spine and pelvis by working on other subtle points throughout the body. Eventually, I started to realize that activating points with energy didn’t require me to physically touch my clients and I started working on them from across the room. I knew in my heart that if I could use energy to align someone’s spine from across the room, I could do it from any distance at all. That opened me to an entirely new way of seeing energy and its potential as a healing modality, and led me ultimately to the work I do today. As I said at the beginning of this post, I am now passing along the healing work I have developed over a 28 year career in individual sessions. I will be announcing and sending out the details of a certification course in my work later this month.

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